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Jean-Baptiste Kim, Author

Jean-Baptiste Kim, Author


  • Who is Yeshua Ben Yosef?
  • The Messiah is the Bible code.
  • Jews of Torah and Talmud.
  • A Jew with Jewish Messiah.
  • Moshe is dead, and you will be.
  • The Jewish root, not Roman’s.
  • Do good in three Jewish laws.
  • Every day is apocalypse.
  • Greek, the key of Judeo Christianity.
  • Latin, father of all problems.
  • A tree without root.
  • 2,000 years of Christian Antisemitism.
  • Hebrew as the International Standard of Bible Societies.
  • How to read Hebrew scriptures?
  • Messianic footprints in Israel.
  • Zionism is not Judaism.
  • Fictitious history of Easter and Christmas.
  • Colonial misbehaving of European Churches.
  • Importance of Arabian heritages.
  • Jesus made it clear in a simple answer.
  • Return of John the Baptist.

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‘Jesus, a Jew’ is a not a boring (which means, academic) historical or theological book. It is an investigative documentary written in easy language for everyone – especially for young people – but with the biblical depth. A young Jewish rabbi ‘Jesus’ became unpopular these days and nobody seems interested in him. That’s because church people are boring, typical, hypocritical, and miserably corrupted. Churches got too old (2,000 years) to be active with Android generation. It’s time for them to die and to born again, so they will have some energy to play a good man, not an ugly old one.

‘Jesus, a Jew’ tells readers quite different stories unlike what they hear from stereo type churches because ‘Jesus, a Jew’ ignores orthodoxy teachings and traditions of European churches and Jewish Synagogues. ‘Jesus, a Jew’ shows a young Jewish rabbi who wasn’t a typical Orthodox Jew but a rebellious, passionate, active, challenging young man with revolutionary teachings against authoritarian religion, society, and state. Every single authority gets corrupt only reason why they are authorities. No wonder why Karl Marx was a Jew.

‘Jesus, a Jew’ explains how the young Jewish rabbi with such passion got rejected by both Jews and Romans. His life was lonesome because he was an anti-social criticizing those who don’t want to be criticized. There is price for everything and being rejected was the price Jesus paid. Stay in hope if you are an anti-social because it doesn’t mean you are an idiot or crazy but it simply means the society or state doesn’t play as it should be.

After all, ‘Jesus, a Jew’ testifies Yeshua Ben Yosef is the promised Jewish Messiah who is Son of God. I will laugh about it if someone tells me a young Jewish man is the Messiah. However, it becomes a totally different story when Ruach Hakodesh (The Holy Spirit) testifies that Yeshua Ben Yosef is the one.

Christianity is largely loosing its ground these days because it acts meaninglessly with mannerism and corruptions, just like those Jews who mocked Yeshua Ben Yosef 2,000 years ago. You must die today and born again tomorrow because Yeshua is the Messiah.

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