How do we transform digital photographs into art decor?

Ordering photographs

All products are printed in and shipped from Germany.

  • Print sharpness of 1,440 DPI (Dots Per Inch).
  • 6 UV inks instead of the 4 colors customary in the industry, and the most modern 12 color printers are used for fine arts.
  • We use a proofing standard for each individual print. This is unique in the industry.
  • Any slightest color deviations are within a maximum range of 2% and are no longer perceptible to the naked eye.
  • All materials we use are 100% made in Germany that are free of harmful substances, therefore protecting your health and the environment. All types of ink used are solvent free.
  • Frames are made of MDF wood (medium density fiberboard, consisting of finely shredded wood) from the Black Forest in Germany, no additional tree has to be felled. This increases the degree of recycling by more than 50% and thus sustainably protects the environment.
  • All products are printed on Hahnemühle papers (Germany) which gives you lifetime warranty against fading for more than 100 years.
  • All products are delivered by DHL (Deutsche Post / Germany) quickly and safely.
  • Your UDA (Unique Digital Authentication) which is managed in France also lasts for lifetime.

We obtain the original Hahnemühle fine art paper directly from the manufacturer, the traditional company Hahnemühle (Dassel, Germany). Hahnemühle is the global market leader among artists’ paper manufacturers and has been producing high-quality papers for artistic needs since 1584.

For fine art printing, EL.ET uses the Photo Matt Fiber 200 paper. With its fine, Matt and smooth surface structure, the first class special paper is characterized by its pleasantly soft feel. The Hanhemühle fine art paper is handmade and acid free. In conjunction with the 12 color management of the high performance printers, high quality prints are created completely without reflection.

Photo Matt Fibre 200 gsm · 100 % α-cellulose · Natural white.

Photo Matt Fibre is a low weight, cellulose paper with an optimised inkjet coating for photo application. It’s perfectly suitable for photo and poster prints as well as photo books. The smooth, very light textured paper has a pleasant warm tone whiteness. It excels with its print quality, ensuring the best results for daily printing.

  • Low weight cellulose based inkjet paper with 200 gsm.
  • Smooth, very light textured surface.
  • Natural white, warm tone.
  • Matt finish.
  • Optimised inkjet coating for photo application.
  • Perfectly suitable for daily use.

Print on original Hahnemühle artist paper is more than a poster print. The very high quality special paper turns your photo into a work of art with Gallery standards. Hahnemühle paper has already received international quality awards.

The exceptionally realistic and lifelike representation of the photo motif makes Hahnemühle fine art prints so exclusive and fantastic. The fine, matt surface structure guarantees a print product that is completely non-reflective. The exclusive Hahnemühle fine art paper is durable, acid free and handmade. A Hahnemühle fine art print withstands even the highest demands of professional photographers. Hahnemühle fine art prints are first class prints.

Although, or precisely because we use particularly high quality materials at Hahnemühle fine art prints, scratches can occur on your Hahnemühle fine art prints.

Prints on Hahnemühle artist paper are generally not laminated so that the special surface structure of the fine paper is preserved. Therefore Hahnemühle fine art prints are treated with special care in our house. Please also take care to your Hahnemühle print very carefully, preferably with Cotton gloves unpack and hang up .

For special protection, you can also order your Hahnemühle fine art print directly in the frame.

You can also order your Hahnemühle fine art print directly in the frame, with which your photo is protected but also presented exclusively.

All wooden frames protect your picture with high quality acrylic glass. Your photo on Hahnemühle paper will be professionally and dust free framed in our production after printing. This is how you combine the artistically valuable special paper with extra protection.

Every single photograph of EL.ET has its own UDA that is stored on a QR code. You will be led to your own UDA when you scan the QR code. UDA acts like a certificate of product, which means, it verifies that you are the owner of the photograph which you paid for.

  • Production time is 2 working days from Monday to Friday.
  • Parcel shipping to 32 European countries and 220 countries worldwide, even on Saturdays.
  • Shipment tracking is available 24/7 and second delivery attempt is free of charge.
  • Different delivery time and rate is applied to Inclusive EU/EFTA (normally 2 – 3 working days), Exclusive EU/EFTA (usually 4 – 6 working days), and NON-EU/EFTA (typically 9 – 12 working days) countries. Delivery goes faster in some countries. Digital without Print & Frame can be delivered within 1 hour on 7 days a week without holidays (365 days a year). Please mind that our working hour in Germany is 08.30 – 20.00 UTC+2 Central European Time.
  • We provide premium parcel delivery (Security packaging) with DHL (Deutsche Post / Germany). As soon as your order is ready for dispatch, you will receive an email with a tracking link. Here you can easily see the status of your shipment. Please note that the individual items in your order can have different delivery dates, therefore different shipment tracking number. Please contact us by phone or via email / webmail if you have further questions.
  • Liability against loss or damage (transport insurance) is included at no extra charge up to 500 Euros per parcel. You will immediately receive a replacement at free of charge if product is broken. If an order arrives damaged or if you are not satisfied with the product, send us your order number and two photos that document the damage or defect by email to 3@elet.in. With this information, we can quickly process your request and contact you immediately to find an optimal solution for you.
  • There are delivery restrictions in some countries due to the Corona pandemic. Please check before you place an order.
  • Standard and Express deliveries are available with different prices. If you order before 11 am (Monday to Friday), next day delivery will be guaranteed even on Saturday.
  • Delivery time depends on destination. This will be informed by email when we receive your full address.
  • Delivery cost depends on destination, size and weight of product. This will be informed by email when we receive your selection.

The shipping cost is identical for Inclusive EU/EFTA countries but it differs if you are situated in Exclusive EU/EFTA or NON-EU/EFTA countries. Shipping costs are only charged once per order. For mixed orders with different shipping costs, we only charge the higher shipping costs, even if the order is shipped in several packages. Our shipping costs are calculated from the size of the package and the weight, therefore different shipping costs are incurred for different products, which are calculated when you place your order. 

Digital without Print & Frame (JPEG file of 6,000 x 4,000 Pixel but adjustable in other format upon request) is a convenient solution for those who have cheaper solutions to print and to frame photographs. Digital without Print & Frame is also necessary when you have digital frames like Samsung QLED Smart TV The Frame or any other type of Art TV. Using Digital without Print & Frame for media and publication purposes is accepted with conditions that are written underneath.

  • You can choose any many as you want on a flat rate.
  • The digital photographs will be delivered by email with links to download.
  • Re-distribution (re-selling) is permitted only when you provide us a valid UDA. We will perform legal actions when there is a failure of providing UDA.
  • Customers need to contact us to transfer his or her UDA to someone else on commercial or non-commercial purposes.
  • VAT is not applicable if you are a company within EU/EFTA but VAT number is required. VAT will be applicable if failed to provide VAT number.
  • VAT is not applicable if you are a company or an individual outside of EU/EFTA.
  • VAT is applicable if you are an individual within EU/EFTA.
  • Billing address of your credit card must be the same as your postal address when you fill-in the order form underneath.
  • German VAT is 16% until the end of 2020 but it will be 19% from 2021.
  • The price that is VAT inclusive does not mean VAT is deductible from the price according to the tax regulations of the European Union.
  • Please check 2020 European Union VAT rates and EU VAT registration thresholds 2020 if need more information.
  • You have different payment options depending on the country. However, Secured Online Payment (Sofortüberweisung) by major credit cards (such as VISA, Master, Maestro, American Express, Discover) is available when you buy from EL.ET and Amazon international (North America, Europe, Far-East). On the other hand, PayPal payment is accepted when you purchase on Ebay.com and Etsy.com.
  • Payment on www.elet.in is managed by SumUp Payment Link with payment gateway PSD2 SCA compliant that supports 3D Secure 2.
  • Our offer of payment by installments and purchase on account currently only applies to invoice recipients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and we assign our claim to a payment service provider who is subsequently the contact person for invoices. Please note that there is a fee of € 1.99 or CHF 2.45 for the payment method invoice.

Please follow the 4 steps.

  1. Order on the form underneath.
  2. You will receive a SumUp Payment Link by email for photographs, delivery, and VAT.
  3. Click the link and pay by credit card.
  4. You will receive invoice, tracking number for delivery, and UDA QR code.

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