Good evening. I’m Jean-Baptiste Kim who’s working at Toriko. After a month of trial, I finally got familiar with working at your establishment, however, there are many things I will never get familiar with. For this reason, I decided to leave.

Before I leave, I’d like to inform you a couple of things. I wanted to work for you only reason why you are a Coptic Christian. For being a Christian, we should have tolerance but we must also have principles that cannot be negotiated, such as morality and ethics.

If we are voluntary committing crimes, we are not true Christians. If we are acting against ethical requirements, we are not Christians either. However, I have been witnessing too many unethical acts of your employees. It seems like the working place became a social club where people gather to dance, to eat, to drink with disrespectful vulgar language against one another.

They eat and drink whatever they want such as Coke, other drinks, Ice cream, Mochi cakes, even alcoholic Cocktails. Have you ever checked stock numbers and selling numbers from buying numbers? I am sure buying numbers are always greater because your employees consume all the time (not kitchen staff but French staff). I consider this act stealing your money which is ethically prohibited.

They can arrange stock, clean and check delivery cars, etc,, if they have plenty of time to play at work place. However, they never do, only drinking, eating, dancing, and endless talking. I also consider this act stealing your money which against moral standard. They steal your money in exchange of wasting work time.

The manager purchased ingredients at huge quantity which we do not need, this means, he paid the provider a good money for no reason. The manager made this big mistake because he never discuss with the Kitchen chef (Peter) but always decide alone, which is bureaucratic arrogance.

I told the assistant manager twice that the company must have First Aid Kit when kitchen staff is injured by knife, but this has never been done. This is against the law. I also told him there must be soap and disinfectant near the water sink which is legally required, however, this has never been done either. If there is hygienic inspection, you will be in trouble because you are the owner but they are only employees, including the manager.

When kitchen staff cut fish, they don’t respect industrial norms, which means, they cut fish too big, too thick. The size of Nigiri sometimes become the size of Sashimi, about 3-4 times thicker and bigger than industrial norms, and the size of Sashimi is also about 3 times thicker and bigger than it should be. This means, you lose money 3-4 times higher than other companies because ingredients are so much wasted.

There are too many things I have to mention but it seems endless. Anyway, I am the one who’s leaving, therefore, it may be none of my business. I tell you the only reason why you are my fellow Christian. I advise you do not give full confidence or trust to your employees including the manager. They really don’t care.